This is a basic design that has been around quite a while.  It is an incredibly simple single wall tent with two poles.  I’ve used mine in Chile and Argentina in Patagonia and the Andes.  If you are looking at a tent for mountain conditions at this price point, I’m sure you’ll be doing your research so I’ll spare you the specifications.

This tent is small and light, and easy to set up and tear down even in the harshest winds.  The poles are flexible enough that I never feared they would snap, but in high winds, they do flex considerably.  The poles are inserted inside the tent, there are no sleeves, but there are some clips you can fasten after you insert the poles.  This allows for rapid set up and entry of the tent during storms.  It also keeps it incredibly simple, which is important when you are not thinking clearly due to cold and altitude.

Set this tent up so that the door is leeward.  This presents a small profile to the wind, and allows the wind to blow into the vent on top and out through the bottom of the door.  With the two pole design, if you set it up with a broad face windward, you’ll get a lot of noisy flapping from all the unsupported fabric.

On rocky terrain, I suggest using a ground cloth to prevent wearing the floor out prematurely.  Tie the ground cloth corners to the corner pullouts on the tent so that you can deploy and pack the whole thing as a unit.  This makes it simpler to set up and tear down in the wind.


I have not experienced any condensation problems when using this tent.  This seems to be a common complaint about single wall shelters.  It ventilates well with the wind scoops on top and the mesh door.  However, the door design does allow rain or snow into the tent quite easily when entering or exiting the tent.  The optional vestibule would likely solve this issue quite well, but, would add weight.

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