When traveling in areas that do not have clearly visible landmarks, it can be very difficult to travel by normal navigational means.  Clearly, the GPS is ideal for these situations.  However, you should always have a backup method in case your GPS fails.  You will need to use dead reckoning.  You know where you are starting, and you are going to have to carefully plot where you are going based on your pace count and your azimuth.

When traveling along an azimuth, it can be easy to drift to parallels left or right of your original path.  These errors over time accumulate and can put you well off course.

There is a little trick to help make sure you don’t drift too far off course though.  Assuming you are with a partner, you can have your partner walk out a set distance (I would use increments of 100 meters if possible to make pace counting easier) based on visibility, and then move left or right until they create a perfect landmark for you to shoot an azimuth.  Your partner must stay in position while you move to their position.  It will be slow going for sure, but it helps add a bit of accuracy and precision.

Take your time and carefully log your moves.

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