If you have not been to Colombia, you really are missing an amazing and beautiful country.  The opportunities for exploring forest and mountains are limitless.

El Cocuy

El Cocuy

El Cocuy is a beautiful mountain region in the Colombian department of Boyacá.  Even though there are mountains over 5000 meters, the weather is very mild, and the proximity to the equator means you can visit anytime.

To get there, you will likely arrive in Bogotá.  From Bogotá, it will take most of the day to get to el Cocuy by car.  Bus is another possibility.  If you travel by car, there are lots of places to stop and visit along the way, such as the Puente de Boyacá, an historical location from Colombia’s fight for independence from Spain.

You will need to register to go into the park at El Cocuy.  For foreigners, it is more expensive than for Colombians.  Guides are highly recommended.  Even if you stay in a guest house, I recommend having good rain gear, and boots to handle serious mud.  My guide was using rubber boots, and they seemed like a good idea.  It is chilly and wet.

El Cocuy

El Cocuy

For climbers, there is an area called el Pulpito del Diablo.  It is a rock wall that rises up from the glacier.  It offers a nice opportunity for high altitude rock climbing.

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  1. Chris says:

    Bob, I sent you an email about your report. Thanks for asking first, if I can be of assistance, let me know.

  2. Cooper Bob says:

    Thanks for the right up,Is it okay if I use some of the information in an highschool report I’m doing on Columbia

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