I first heard of Leukotape in the fantastic book Fixing Your Feet: Prevention And Treatments for Athletes.  I decided I would try it, and I have to say, it is truly the best tape I have ever found.

As a climber, I often tear myself up.  Sharp things like ice axes, ice screws, crampons, and rock can all do some damage if you aren’t careful.  Leukotape patches me up quickly and easily, and stays stuck, even in wet conditions.

I also use it to patch up my feet when I start getting hot spots or blisters.  I’ve had Leukotape stay on my feet for nearly two weeks.  The adhesive is really strong.  I rub some foot powder over the top of the tape to keep it from sticking to my socks.  With Leukotape, I don’t need to use tincture of benzoin anymore.

Leukotape patch on my DAS

Leukotape patch on my DAS

The final thing I like about Leukotape is that it works great for patching gear.  Here is my
Patagonia DAS Parka
, patched with Leukotape, well used, for over 6 months since I applied that patch.  I patched it in the field, fully expecting it to be a temporary patch until I got home and could properly patch the parka.  As it turns out, I haven’t needed a different patch.

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