I’ve tried a number of things for electrolyte replacement on extended trips.  I tend to sweat a lot, and can quickly get headaches and cramps.  Proper electrolyte replacement helps a lot.  A lot of people argue that extra salt isn’t necessary, because there is plenty of sodium in a normal diet.  The reality is that my diet on extended trips is anything but normal and the hard work of hauling a pack day after day really causes me to sweat out the electrolytes.

As it turns out, potatoes are a good source of potassium, so I’ve carried crushed up potato chips (they don’t stay whole in a pack anyway), which have plenty of salt.  I would add the crushed up chips to whatever dinner stew I’d make.  I’m not really fond of potato chips, and they aren’t the most convenient form for quick electrolyte replacement for me.

I then tried mixing up table salt with something called “salt substitute”.  Salt substitute is made for people on sodium restricted diets.  It is potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride.  But, salt substitute has a different taste than salt.

Along came “Endurolytes” from Hammer Nutrition.  These are handy pills containing some good stuff like calcium and magnesium along with sodium and potassium.  I much prefer these over other methods as I can more closely control how much I am taking, and I can take it quickly on the move instead of waiting for mealtime.

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