I enjoy trail running quite a bit.  The surface is softer than concrete and asphalt, the terrain is less predictable, and the scenery is more beautiful.  I really only run on trails I know very well, but I still take a small kit with me that contains some essentials.

  1. Leukotape As I’ve mentioned, this is my favorite athletic tape.  Should I sprain an ankle, get a cut, or get some hot spots on my feet, I will use Leukotape to patch myself up.
  2. Foot powder in a Nalgene squeeze container I keep some foot powder in a very small Nalgene squeeze container.  This is essential for dusting the Leukotape after I apply it, as well as keeping my feet dry on longer runs.
  3. Small med kit I carry a very small med kit that I keep in an Aloksak.  It contains: BZK wipes, Benadryl, Immodium, small butterfly bandages, and Motrin.
  4. DEET Bug spray is essential.
  5. Headlamp I keep a Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp in my kit.  It is small and light, and has a blinking function in case I need to signal for help.
  6. Knife A small sharp knife is useful in case I need to cut tape or anything else.
  7. Lighter Just in case.
  8. REI Doubleshot waist pack This is what I use to hold everything.  It is a belt pack that holds two water bottles and has a small pouch to contain my trail running kit, cell phone, and a few gels.  It also has an elastic cord to strap down some extra socks if I’m in wet conditions.  I find it nice and stable.

And that is what I carry on my trail runs.

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