A repair kit is incredibly valuable on longer trips in remote areas.  Breaking a crucial piece of equipment can not only end a trip prematurely, but put you in a very difficult position.  If your means of transporting your food breaks, if your means of obtaining fresh water doesn’t work, if your means of staying out of the elements is damaged, you can be in danger in a hurry.

Here are the basic elements that I carry.

  1. Leukotape I’m not joking when I say this is my favorite tape.  This has replaced my athletic tape and medical tape in my first aid kit and it has replaced duct tape and/or 100mph tape as my repair tape of choice.  This is the best tape on the market I’ve found.
  2. Needles I carry a small supply of needles in a matchsafe.  I still carry some matches as part of my normal load out.  Being able to stitch up some of your soft gear is critical.  Rip your pack?  Stitch it, and seal it.
  3. Dental Floss I carry dental floss because it is part of my hygiene gear.  Yes, I floss my teeth.  But, floss is also a very sturdy thread, and it is waxed, so it tends to handle water well.  This is what I use to sew together anything that breaks.
  4. Seam Grip This is my go to adhesive for everything.  I rub a little into holes on my clothes to keep them from unraveling further.  If I stitch something, I rub some Seam Grip over the stitches to make sure they last.  This is also the glue I use if I need to patch up an air mattress.
  5. Gerber Multipliers I use these extensively.  The screwdrivers are handy if you need to adjust or repair crampons or snowshoes.  I also use them to tear down my stove to clean it.  The pliers are handy for pushing needles through heavy material.
  6. Air Mattress Patches This is pretty self explanatory.  Most air mattresses come with a few squares of material that you can use to patch it.
  7. Stove Repair Kit I use an MSR stove, so I carry a full repair kit for it.  The important things, in my experience, are having spare O-rings (especially where the fuel tube inserts into the pump), plenty of pump cup oil, and the tools to clean a jet.
  8. Tent Parts I’ve never actually had a damaged tent.  I carry a spare bit of guyline these days because it is useful for a lot more than my tent.  Other people I’ve met carry pole repair sleeves, zipper repair kits, etc.  I’ve never damaged a zipper or a pole, so I’ve removed those bits from my kit.  I may not be in the environments that tend to damage those things, although I’m often in serious wind.

That is what I carry for field repairs of my gear on extended duration trips.

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