Keeping warm feet when on glacial ice or even snow can be a problem.  Even boots that have a thick outsole will still eventually conduct heat into the ice.  This problem is further compounded when wearing crampons.  The steel really sucks the heat out of your feet.

I usually choose to wear light and fast boots when climbing.  The downside is that they can’t be made as warm and insulated as heavy double plastic boots.  I’ll take every extra bit of insulation I can get.

The Superfeet REDhot insoles are made for winter use, and they have some insulation, plus a reflective bottom.  I have used these on glaciers and frozen rock, and even while wearing crampons, I have not had problems with cold soles.

I have wide feet, so it was nice to finally find some insoles that were wider.  These cover the whole interior of my boots and keep my feet comfortable as well.  The arches are somewhat high, but I find them quite supportive for long days, especially with a heavy backpack loading my feet.  Durability has been good.

If you have cold feet in the winter, I’d really recommend trying the Superfeet REDhot insoles.  You can get them at REI

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  1. Barry Thomas says:

    Would you comment a little about your preferred high altitude alpine/mountaineering boots. Are their any affordable, but relatively safe, alternatives to boots like Olympus Mons or some of the uber-expensive double plastic boots?


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