Comparing sleeping bags can be pretty difficult.  Manufacturers quote a variety of numbers and measurements and prices vary dramatically.  It can be hard to sort through it all and make a good decision.

I’ll talk about a few important quantifiable considerations, and leave the qualitative decisions to you.

Fit is a qualitative factor that should be considered carefully for example.  For example, a snug fitting bag will have less space to heat and keep warm, will likely be lighter weight, but many people may feel constricted and uncomfortable.

Three of the main quantitative measures for down sleeping bags include the weight, the down, and the price.  I’ll cover those.

Fill Power

Fill power is an important concept when discussing down sleeping bags.  Fill power is a measure for the quality of down.  It is expressed in cubic inches per ounce of down.  High quality down fills more volume per ounce than low quality down.  This means for a given volume of sleeping bag loft, higher quality down will weigh less.  An important consideration.

What I’ve done to compare the sleeping bags is to multiply the weight of down fill (in ounces) by the fill power of down used.  This gives a standard “volume” of down that can be used to compare straight across.  Simply looking at weight of fill can mislead you.

Bags Included in the List

I included bags rated from –15F to –25F.  I also stuck with “regular” length bags, although two bags stood out as a bit strange to me.  The Montbell bag only fits to 5’10”, and the Mountain Hardwear bag fits to 6’6” in the regular size.  All of the other bags have a 6’0” fit for regular.  Keep this in mind when comparing the bags.  If you are larger or smaller, perhaps one of these bags would be a better match for your needs.

Table Data

I’ve used the stoplight system of red, yellow, and green to highlight the low, middle, and best three in each category respectively.  So, the heaviest three bags will be red, the three most expensive will be red, and the three with the least fill volume will be red.

I also calculated the mean and standard deviation for each of the three columns.

The Table

Sleeping Bag


Fill Volume


Feathered Friends Peregrine 62 31790 684
Feathered Friends Ptarmigan 59 31025 654
Kelty Foraker 66 28500 449.95
Marmot Col EQ 68 30400 619
Montbell UL SS Down Hugger Exp 55 30400 529
Mountain Hardwear Wraight SL 72 28800 610
The North Face Solar Flare 66 28000 499
Western Mountaineering Puma GWS 60 31450 740
Western Mountaineering Puma MF 55 30600 640









All information is from the manufacturers.

I personally own the Marmot Col EQ and reviewed it.  I’m quite happy with it, despite it being one of the heavier bags on the list.  It is quite warm and has several features I like.

I hope this chart helps you pick a cold weather bag.  Let me know if you liked it, and would like to see a similar compilation for bags in another temperature range.

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