In my search for the perfect pair of pants to use while traveling, and on the trail, I tried The North Face Paramount pants, which didn’t last very long due to a blown seam, which left me rather disappointed.

I bought another pair of convertible pants because I really like the idea of pants and shorts all in one.  I bought the Marmot Cruz convertible pants.  These pants also come in different lengths, which is handy as I’m tall.

They are made of a very light nylon material that has been durable to this point.  I have noticed something strange though.  It seems that when I wear my wool socks, the pants stick to my shins.  I think maybe it is a static electricity effect.  It seems to go away once the pants get dirty and muddy.

The pockets aren’t very good on these pants.  There is one zippered thigh pocket that I end up using for everything I would keep in the normal slash pockets.  The normal pockets are shallow and items seem to fall out readily.

The pants don’t come with an integral belt, which at this price point, I expect a nice thin integral belt that is comfortable under a pack waist belt as well as under a harness.

Speaking of harnesses, I really do find these pants to be comfortable while wearing a climbing harness.  However, the pockets still leave something to be desired while wearing a harness.

If they had better pockets, and a low profile integral belt, they would be ideal in my opinion.  They are good, but for the 68 USD price tag, I expect great for a pair of nylon convertible trail pants.

These pants are available at Summit Hut and Mountain Gear

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